A Plain and Sweet Christmas

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A Plain and Sweet Christmas Romance Collection
by Jerry S. Eicher, Lauralee Bliss (Goodreads Author), Ramona K. Cecil, Dianne Christner (Goodreads Author), Melanie Dobson (Goodreads Author), Olivia Newport (Goodreads Author), Claire Sanders (Goodreads Author), Anna Schmidt (Goodreads Author) ,
Enjoy a simple Christmas, sweetened by love, in historical communities of plain faith people. Four romances develop among the Ohio River Valley Quakers of the mid-1800s. Two Mennonite couples face influences from outside their old traditions. Two Amish couples from the early 1900s are affected by world events. And in an Amana community, childhood sweethearts are reunited. Each story also includes a recipe for a sweet traditional treat.