Beijo Handbag Couture Truly, Madly, Deeply Charcoal Blue


$ 105.00 
Brand: Beijo

SKU: 5670

Beijo Handbag Truly, Madly, Deeply Charcoal Blue

Couture - Faux Suede Approx 11"L X 8"W X 9'H
Includes Bag cover

Embrace your glamorous side with one of these handbags, beautifully
constructed of faux suede that looks just like the real thing.
Soft and plush to the touch, they're especially perfect to carry during fall and winter.
3 inside pockets 1 zipper. 5 metal stoppers on the bottom of the Handbag
Beijo bags are made from a durable Polyvinyl to which
a combination of special materials is added to give the signature
pearlescent finish.