Bling Sting Pepper Spray-Total Beach

Bling Sting

$ 25.00 
Brand: Bling Sting

SKU: 12228

Total Beach rhinestone case with a silver key chain clip.
Comes with a standard 1/2 ounce pepper spray
10% OC spray concentration / 2MM SHU
Size and strength is legal in all 50 states
Case is refillable
Powerful, non-lethal personal protection
Clips to keychain, purse, backpack, or dog leash
Pepper spray can be used to deter aggressive dogs

***Do you live in New York or Massachusetts? If so, we can't process your pepper spray order unless you ship the order to another state (NJ, CT, etc.) Sorry, it's state law and we will have to cancel the order if an alternate address isn't provided at checkout.***