Coach Paul Bear Bryant

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Coach Paul Bear Bryant

The game is between the University of Alabama and Auburn
University at Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama. The date was
Nov. 28, 1981. The record at stake was Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant's
breaking of Amoz Alonzo Stagg's record for the winningest college
football coach ever. Alabama was behind 17-14 with 12:58 left to play.
Coach Pat Dye from Auburn told his team at halftime that they were
better than Alabama and there would never be a better chance to
prove it. Tight end Jesse Bendross said that Coach Bryant told them,
"If you don't think you can get beat, you won't." Bendross, streaking
for the post, caught the ball and scored, putting Alabama on top 21-17.
Then sophomore Linnie Patrick added another TD to make the
final score 28-17 as can be seen on the scoreboard in the background.
In the print are the familiar numbers that are synonymous with
Alabama football. Many quarterbacks like Joe Namath, Kenny
Stabler and Pat Trammell wore number 12. There were many
linebackers who wore the number 54, but Lee Roy Jordan, who
went on to have a fabulous career with the Dallas Cowboys, had to
be the greatest. There were also many linemen who wore number 73,
but John Hannah, who Sports Illustrated said was the greatest offensive
lineman to ever play the game, had to be the best. There is also one
helmet with an eight on its side, leaving the viewer the freedom to
mentally place a second digit beside it that would identify some of
Alabama's many outstanding pass receivers. There is a cap with a white
"A" on its front, which is symbolic of all the great assistant coaches that
have been under the direction of Bryant. In the middle of all this
frenzied action and high drama, dressed as he was that record-breaking
day in Birmingham, Ala., is the Coach.