Deco Dressing Table

Sweet Romance

$ 230.00 
Brand: Sweet Romance

SKU: 4743


Miniature 3-D ladies dressing table of the 1920s.
Enamels, crystal, beads, sculpture.
Trademark Sweet Romance USA.
Inside box are High heel shoes
Dimensions: 3" x 4.5"


radiate the authenticity and spirit of many different eras of fashion history.
Her ideas are derived from a lifelong study of antique and vintage
jewelry, manufacturing and her background as an artist. .
Developed from an art studio she opened in 1988, the business has matured.
into a factory with worldwide wholesale distribution. Faithful to the original.
American notion of costume jewelry manufacturing, Sweet Romance uses .
production methods that yield pieces of exquisite sculptural detail and entrancing appeal. .
Shelley also shares her art and perspectives through conference presentations and.
television appearances. .