Stainless Steel Driving Wallet Houndstooth


$ 68.00 
Brand: Stewart/Stand

SKU: 777

Driving Wallet Houndstooth

An abbreviated wallet for the modern man who loathes to carry more than he needs.
Fits comfortably into a front pocket, slightly larger than the size of your credit card.

Capacity: 6 credit card slots, 2 x-tra slots;
Materials: Woven Stainless Steel Cloth
Dimensions: 4.438 x 3.375 x 0.188"

Stewart/Stand stainless steel wallets block unauthorized transmission from
RFID enabled credit cards & IDs.

This is a vegan wallet. Made with 85%+ post consumer recycled stainless

These wallets are known for their ultra thin and contemporary profile.
They are composed of a specialized industrial stainless steel fabric used
in petroleum processing and countless other industries. Among the
benefits of these wallets is their ability to prevent credit card fraud by
blocking non-deliberate communication by RFID enabled smart card sand passports.

This woven stainless steel wallet is composed of the most widely used
screen in the industrial world. It has applications in such diverse
industries as petro-chemical, architecture, aerospace and automotive.
Although durable and resistant to corrosive materials such as salts,
acids and seawater, Stewart/Stand wallets feel like silk to the touch.

WHAT IS RFID? RFID stands for Radio-Frequency IDentification.
The acronym is used in reference to small electronic devices composed
of a small chip and antenna. This chip provides a unique identifier for
that object and can be scanned to retrieve the identifying information.

WHY DOES IT MATTER TO YOU? It's a modern world and
access to advances in technology that create conveniences are instantaneous.
The RFID chip is one example. With a wave of your card, wallet or key-chain,
RFID enables us to complete speedier purchases, bypassing lengthy
ID procedures. Given the technology's speed and ease to communicate
information, RFID devices are now incorporated into credit cards and
passports, without the requisite consumer data protected. Information
that can be obtained from these chips include: name, billing zip, cc number,
exp date, csv/cvv, personal passport data. This information is not protected
and can be accessed without the owner's knowledge or authorization.

OUR DESIGN SOLUTION: RFID Stewart/Stand Stainless Steel Wallets
and Accessories create a barrier protecting the data from unauthorized access.
We call this RFCID technology: Radio-Frequency Canceling IDentification.
The blocking technology of our wallets and accessories applies, without exception.