From Builders to Architects: The Hobart-Hutchisson Six

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By Elizabeth Barrett Gould, Paul R. Thompson (Photographer)

Beginning in the late 1700s with Peter Hobart, members of his family maintained an architectural firm in Mobile, Alabama, until the last of the line, C. L. Hutchisson Jr., retired in 1967.

Over this nearly 200-year span, the Hobart-Hutchisson family of architects designed and built at least 1088 structures in Mobile, a seaport with French, Spanish, and Colonial influences that thrived even before Alabama became a state. These private residences, churches, government and commercial buildings, medical and educational facilities, and even mausoleums provide a unique visual record of the changes in one community's architectural styles and construction methods.

The author, an art and architectural historian, supplements her readable account with more than 250 photographs, elevations, maps, drawings, and sketches.

The author records one family's 200-year contribution to Mobile, Ala.

257 pages.