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Veteran hunter, fisherman, and chef Harold Webster presents 300 seasonal recipes for venison, fish, fowl, and other delicacies from field and water so you can prepare delicious dishes from your bounty. You'll find fresh and saltwater favorites like Caribbean-Fried Catfish, Baked Creole Redfish, Cream of Oyster Stew, Spinach-Stuffed Flounder Fillets, Deviled Lobster, and Shrimp and Broccoli Casserole. The many venison recipes include Grilled Venison Loin with Blackberry Sauce, Apple and Venison Sausage Omelet, French Onion Venison Roast, and Blue Cheese Venison Steaks. Webster's mouth-watering recipes will also guide you through creating Wild Hog Chili, Dove Breasts in Cream Sauce, Cajun Crockpot Wild Goose, and Wild Quail in Plum Sauce. From venison to crawfish, trout to wild turkey, racoon to mahi mahi, you'll find something to please everyone. Included with the recipes are memoirs that chronicle Webster's lifelong passion for hunting and fishing. You are sure to enjoy stories like The Long Walk with Jake, Trash Fish or Southern Comfort, and One Box of Shells, One Bird in Hand. The sportsman's outdoor experience doesn't end when the gun or the fishing gear has been put away. The challenge and reward of the quest are continued when the game is prepared into fabulous meals to be shared with friends and family.

Author's Comments:

These stories of my life were not initially intended to be written and published as monograph. They were originally published as individual weekly newspaper columns during a two-year period of time between my retirement from the world of daily toil and the time that I became weary of being retired and before I began my lifelong dream of working towards an advanced degree in archaeology. These weekly columns provided me with the occasion and the time to reflect upon my years and to place these years and memories into perspective and onto paper before they vanished.
Game For All Seasons - Articles
This is a fine cookbook and one that contains even finer recipes. However, this is more than just a first-rate game, fish, and fowl cookbook. It is the chronicle of a young boy and his journey through the phases of his life. If one were to say that this work is an autobiography about a romantic 20th Century hunter-gatherer, I would not disagree.

It is a story about the transit of time and the end of an era when the tempo of life was less hurried and when one had the comfort of place and the time to pause and to witness the moment... to ponder upon what is true in the heart.

When I reflect back on the previous sixty-three years of my life, I question where the years have gone. Did I misuse years in my youth that I could have applied to more lucrative endeavors? Some may answer yes. However, I will argue that what I have observed, what I have experienced, and what I lived through in my life money cannot buy, because I have the memories and they give me a deep sense of personal fulfillment and satisfaction that nourishes me as I look forward to my remaining years and a life that is about turning the things that I want to do; into things that I have done.

Harold Webster
University of Southern Mississippi