Hat Tac Confederate Battle Flag


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The first Confederate flag posed an issue on the battlefield once the Civil War started because of its close similarity to the Stars and Stripes flag of the United States. General Beauregard designed a flag to be used in battle, but not to replace the national flag, the Stars and Bars. The Confederate battle flag, also known as the “Southern Cross”, is the most well known flag associated with the Confederacy. It was still red, white, and blue with stars, but the design was very different in order to distinguish the north from the south in the war. The battle flag also evolved as more states joined the Confederacy; there were eventually thirteen stars for each of the states on a blue cross on top of a red background. The original version of the battle flag was a square, but the Confederate Navy Jack was a rectangular version of the Confederate Battle Flag. The Confederate Navy Jack (rectangular format) is widely referred to today as simply "The Confederate Flag" despite the fact that is just one of many flags of the Confederacy.