InterGalactic Pale Ale

Craft a Brew

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Want to brew a truly unique beer inspired by a great Florida craft brewery? Our Intergalactic Pale Ale home brewing starter kit is a collaboration with Seventh Sun Brewery out of Dunedin, FL. This single-hopped pale ale gets its name from an Australian hop variety called Galaxy and it is truly out of this world! This will brew a light, refreshing IPA, bursting with citrus and passion fruit flavors that this unique hop variety produces. Not your typical home beer brewing kit, this beer uses TONS of hops throughout the brewing and fermentation process and we include 4 ounces of Galaxy hops for this recipe! This unique home brewing starter kit includes:
Glass Carboy
Racking Cane
Rubber Stopper
Transfer tubing
Tubing clamp Airlock
Guide to Craft Brewing
American Pale Ale Recipe kit