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"Launching Liberty Ship at the Gulf Ship Yards", Mobile, AL Blank Note Card

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Nostalgic view of the launching of a Liberty ship circa 1941. Liberty Ships were a type of cargo ship built during World War II. The first ship built was the SS PATRICK HENRY. President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave a speech about the ships and told the country that these ships would bring liberty to Europe. After his speech, people started calling them Liberty Ships.
In September of 1941, an emergency ship building program began. Mobile was a chosen as one of the locations for the program. Mobile played a vital role to in the war effort during World War II.
The sleepy Southern town sprang into action and produced ships so speedily that, at the height of production, the shipyards were able to launch one a week. During the war years, a lot of the people working in shipyards in Mobile and throughout the
country were women. This was unusual at the time. In the 1940’s, most women did not go to work.
In most cases, this was the first chance women had to work outside of the home.
Liberty ships built in Mobile were some of the first ships in the world to be welded together instead of held together with rivets.
Envelope included. 5" X 7"
Can be matted and framed


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