Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

Musicbox Kingdom

$ 25.00 
Brand: Musicbox Kingdom

SKU: 11535


This darling pink and white wooden jewelry box will certainly evoke fond childhood memories for many moms, aunts, and grandmas, and will be a special gift the precious little girl in your life will cherish too.
Old fashioned details abound; a cut out heart on the top with glass underneath, floral edged paper showing through. Wind it up with the key, lift the lid and a delicate ballerina pops up, gently pirouetting in front of a mirror to the melodious "Magic Flute. Slide the little clips that hold the mirror in place, remove the mirror to display a favorite photo under the glass, then secure the mirror back in place. The inside compartment and drawer beneath are lined in a lovely soft, fuzzy, pink fabric.Truly, a simply beautiful piece to store beloved small trinkets and treasures in.
Measures: 4.5" height X 5" X 7" length