Norwex Dry and Buff Car Cloth, Graphite

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Quickly dry your car and give it custom finishing touches with this double-sided cloth.

Plush, absorbent microfiber on one side dries your car quickly, and special checked microfiber on the other side spot buffs and shines to a high gleam.

  • First use a Car Wash Mitt and water to remove dirt and road grime from your vehicle’s exterior.
  • Next, dry your vehicle to a streak-free shine by quickly rubbing a clean Dry and Buff Car Cloth over the entire exterior surface.
  • Reserving your Dry and Buff Car Cloth for use only when drying a clean vehicle will help ensure that particles of dirt and debris can never scratch the paint.
  • Do not use on anti-glare coated surfaces.
  • Always test in an inconspicuous place first.

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