Pineapple Perfume Lamp Green

La Maison

$ 48.00 
SKU: 2145h

Pineapple Perfume Lamp Green Gold Top 6.5" tall by 3.5 wide
La Maison are decorative fragrance lamps that destroy odors and bacteria in the air while increasing oxygen levels and perfuming your environment. They all use a catalytic burner that reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit to combust a special alcohol based liquid fuel. The burning fuel releases molecules into the air that capture and destroy odors while dispersing essential oils. The Aroma lamp works after the flame is extinguished. The flame is to heat the stone and needs to be blown out after 1-2 minutes. The burner should last at least two years or approximately 250 lightings. You can change fragrances by letting the wick dry on a paper towel. It is okay to go from fragrance to fragrance without drying the wick, the fragrance will blend until the fuel in the wick is used.