Royal Jester Boot Gold

Jacqueline Kent

$ 17.00 
Brand: Jacqueline Kent

SKU: 9355


Purple, green, & gold with glitter, cord, & bells
Gold fabric, approx. 6.5" X 4" X 1.75 Ready to hang

Jacqueline Kent was born in London, England. She thrived amidst
a background rich in artistic creativity and was motivated to reach
for the sky. One fateful day, as if possessed, Jacqueline Kent watched
her hands perform a miracle creating a face, a hand, a finger, afoot.
With no formal training, the realization of her own capabilities was
recognized and treated by her, as a cherished gift. Although Jacqueline Kent's
discovery happened overnight, her hard work and long hours have taken
nine dedicated years. Her creations reflect her positive and keen awareness
of personalities, attitudes and relationships. It becomes obvious that the artist
is filled with laughter, wisdom and ease and the very love of life itself.

Texture differences which may appear on this handcrafted item
are inherent to the natural materials and artistic manufacturing process.
This expresses the item as handmade and unique, and in no way
reflects damage or error in production.