The Crimson Rose

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America's Sports Artist Rick Rush has woven five monumental
moments from the 2010 National Championship game into his
painting entitled The Crimson Rose. At the foreground of The
Crimson Rose, we see the University Of Alabama?s first Heisman Trophy
winner, Mark Ingram, leaping into the endzone and scoring the
first touchdown of the night. Featured paving Ingram?s way is
Terrence Cody, Drew Davis, Barret Jones, William Vlachos, Mike
Johnson, Preston Dial, James Carptenter, and Colin Peek.

The middleground of The Crimson Rose is broken into three
examples of the dominance of the Crimson Tide defense. At the
center is one of the most important plays of the game. On a
planned run, the Longhorn?s two-time All-American quarterback
Colt McCoy was drilled by defensive lineman Marcell Dareus - a
hit that pinched a nerve in the quarterback?s throwing shoulder
and put him out of the game.

Dareus is also featured in the scene to the left. Losing 17-6,
Coach Mack Brown needed to put points on the board before hitting the
locker-room at the half. With only fifteen seconds remaining
on the clock, he called for a simple shovel pass to put Texas into field
goal position. Marcell Dareus struck again - this time plowing into
the backfield to intercept the shovel pass. Flattening all in his path,
including a bewildered quarterback, Dareus spun and lumbered
24-yards for an unforgettable touchdown.

On the scene to the right we see the final decisive play of the game.
With three minutes remaining in a three point game, and after
having just connected with Longhorn wide receiver Jordan Shipley
for two consecutive touchdown passes, backup quarterback Garrett
Gilbert had both the confidence and time to put Texas in the lead.
That wasn?t to be, though. Alabama defender Eryk Anders snuck in
on Gilbert?s blind-side for a crushing sack on the Texas 17.
The tackle forced a fumble, which was snatched up by linebacker
Courtney Upshaw.

The background of The Crimson Rose features Coach Saban lifting
the BCS trophy above his shoulders. Saban is surrounded by a
number of his athletes, including Rolando McClain, Julio Jones,
Javier Arenas, and several others.