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Ukraine Ornaments Style 1222 4" Diameter

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Ukraine Ornaments Style 1222 4" Diameter

Handcrafted in Ukraine, ornaments from Elite Ornaments are unlike any other in the world. Each ornament is blown and shaped by skilled artisans before being hand painted. The result is a unique work of art.

The Klinsky region, located in the Northwest of Moscow, has long been famous for its artisan style glassblowing handcrafts. In 1848 Prince Alexander Menshikov, the great-grandson of Peter the Great's favorite prince and confidant, was commissioned to establish in his estate "Aleksandrovo" a glass factory. The factory had three wood fired kilns serving over 80 artisans and craftsmen dedicated to the production of lamps, bottles, and colored glass products for the Kingdom. This factory, the first of its kind in Russia, started blowing beads and balls as Christmas tree decorations. The ornaments you are looking today are individually pipe blown and hand painted by the same family for over 150 years.



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