Warmies® Spa Therapy Slippers, Lavender


$ 24.99 


These wonderful spa therapy slippers by Warmies® are just what you need if you often get cold or achy feet. They feature inserts filled with carefully cleaned flaxseed that has been dried to a specific moisture content so it can be heated in the microwave. This is blended with aromatic French lavender buds, so when you heat these for 60 seconds in a 1000 W microwave, you get soothing heat and relaxing aroma that lasts for up to 45 minutes. And you can microwave them again and again, for thousands of cycles, in fact. These ones are in a nice shaggy cream exterior and should fit US women's shoe sizes from about 6 - 10. For care, only surface clean with a damp sponge. Never submerge in water or wash in the machine.