Cufflinks & Tie Clips

Comedy and Tragedy Cufflinks Gold

Regular price $ 25.00
Perfect gift for your theater buff or perhaps for Mardi Gras?                            Polished brushed base metal Priced as a set of 2; One Comedy and One Tragedy| 1186...

Tie Clip Mardi Gras Script

Regular price $ 5.00
Purple, Green, & Gold Gold base Mardi Gras script enameled 2"| 57858

Fleur De Lis Hat Tac

Regular price $ 5.99
Whether it's your sports team logo or for Mardi Gras, wear this Fleur De Lis hat tac or lapel pin proudly. Silver plated measures .65" X .5"|

Crown Cufflinks gold

Regular price $ 22.00
King Louis Crown gold-colored cufflinks will be an elegant accessory for your well-dressed man. | 48975

Silver Cufflinks

Regular price $ 24.00
Silver cufflinks Stainless steel, polished finish Alternating stripes of smooth and textured|