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Specialty Soap - Foot Fetish - Peppermint Pedicure Spa Soap

Regular price $ 8.00
Our signature, the original Foot Fetish, a lavish Shea Butter Soap with the mintiest of Essential Oils, and a Loofah Sponge embedded inside to exfoliate. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand to work on rough heels....

Mint Lip Scrub

Regular price $ 7.99
Gently exfoliate your lips with our Mint Lip Scrub! The scent of this lip scrub is very comparable to mint. This scrub also includes green jojoba esters for added exfoliation and natural color. It also helps freshen your breath! Directions: Take a pea size amount...

Indigo Stress Relief Shower Steamer

Regular price $ 24.99
Our shower steamers are the bomb! Our aromatherapy, all natural shower steamers create a spa experience in your shower. Each package contains 6 tablets, that can be used 1-2 times. To Use: Unwrap 1 tablet and place on flat...

Skincare- ICE Muscle Therapy Balm

Regular price $ 15.00
A cooling blend of essential oils and menthol in a soothing coconut oil base. Perfect for sore ache muscles.  An all natural alternative.\ MADE In USA

Milk Bath - Relax - Lavender

Regular price $ 15.00
Our soothing Milk Baths, blended skin softening Coconut Milk and Milk Powder, for a truly luxurious bath treat.   Relax - Lavender Buds and tranquil Lavender Essential Oil. Made in USA