Mardi Gras Apparel

Striped Scarf Mardi Gras

Regular price $ 12.50
Purple, yellow, green and white striped scarf.  Will work great for your Mardi Gras party or parade.  Polyester 72" x 32" |SC-040

Queen Denim Hat, Mardi Gras

Regular price $ 15.00
 Whether you're queen of your krewe or your squad, this hat will tell everyone. Denim with appliques that spell out "QUEEN" with purple, green, and gold crystals. The brim is covered in glitter and clear rhinestones.  One size fits...

Mardi Gras Infinity Scarf, Striped Knit

Regular price $ 14.99
Mardi Gras infinity scarf, striped bands of purple, green, and gold. Size: 32"w. by 72"l.| SC-020

Mardi Gras Scroll Embellished Shirt (color)

Regular price $ 20.00
A glittery T-shirt to wear to the parades, it says "Mardi Gras" on the front. 100% combed rung cotton preshrunk. Made in Honduras    |21841

Mardi Gras Masquerade Tie

Regular price $ 49.99
What's Mardi Gras without a full on festive ensemble? We're here to help you snag some major festive points that is sure to earn you some beads. No matter where you are when the day comes, you'll be the...