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Earth Luxe Hanging Oil Diffusers

Regular price $ 19.99
Gift Boxed Hanging Oil Diffuser Assortment by Earth Luxe offers on-the-go aromatherapy benefits. Design features glass bottle topped with reed cap with cotton rope, essential oil included in vessel.. oz./5 ml bottle of mood enhancing diffusing oil. Choice of...

Earth Luxe De-Stress Roll-On Essential Oil

Regular price $ 9.99
Stimulate your senses wherever you go with Earth Luxe De-Stress Roll-On Essential Oil. This calming blend features Lavender, Lemon, Patchouli, Amyris and Clove Essential Oils. Infused with the benefits of Jojoba Gold oil, the roll-on oil is safe  |935172...

Earth Luxe Himalayan Salt Pillow

Regular price $ 24.99
The Himalayan Salt Pillow for Stomach, Back and Large Areas from Earth Luxe offers a multitude of wellness benefits. Himalayan Salt Pillows are made from hand-mined Himalayan Crystal Salt. The salt crystals are mined from the Himalayan Mountains in...

Earth Luxe Oil Diffusing Bracelets

Regular price $ 29.99
Enjoy fashionable on-the-go aromatherapy with the Earth Luxe Aromatherapy Double Strap wrap-around Vegan Leather Bracelet. The adjustable double band design features filigree style charms which hold an oil absorbing felt pad. Simply open the charm and add a few...

Earth Luxe Portable Rechargeable USB Fan Diffuser

Regular price $ 34.99
Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy on the go with the Earth Luxe Portable and Rechargeable USB Fan Diffuser. The gift boxed white fan diffuser features a nature inspired textural design and includes 3 washable and reusable felt pads and...
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