Square Cut Splendor Necklace Set

Regular price $ 54.99
 Pave stones design on each square clear crystal.16" to 19" long necklace with lobster claw clasp.With matching Earrings| JY2872S1S

Vintage Vogue Rhinestone Earrings

Regular price $ 19.99
Clear/Tear Baguette Marquise Shape Post EarringMeasures 1.3" length X .95" width| SI1636E1S

Simply Fabulous Rhinestone Earrings

Regular price $ 29.99
Clear/Tear Drop Shape Post EarringMeasures 3.25" length X .95" width| SX24596E1S

Feather Rhinestone Earrings

Regular price $ 23.99
Clear/Silver Flowing Shape Dangle  Post EarringMeasures 3" length X 1" width| BY3580E1S

Squid Shape Dangle Earring

Regular price $ 19.99
Clear/Silver Squid Shape Dangle Rows 3" Post EarringMeasures 4" length X .55" width| MK3933E1S