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" the Love between a mother..." White Music Box

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Let your mother know how you feel with this feminine music box that says, "the Love between a mother and a child is forever". It plays, "Clair de lune". The white box is trimmed white and pearl details.Materials PLASTIC/METALDimensions 8"L...

"...Grandmother's heart..." silver Jeweled Music Box

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A wonderful gift for your grandmother, this jeweled music box says, "a garden of love grows in a Grandmother's heart". The quote is surrounded by pale jewels in shades of blue, yellow, clear and pearl. It plays "Hungarian Dances".Materials...

"...the heart of a Mother...." Large Silver Music Box

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Honor your mother with this lovely, jeweled music box that says, "the loveliest masterpiece of God is the heart of a Mother". The quote is framed with pale blue, taupe, clear and pearl jewels. It plays "Fur Elise".Materials PLASTIC/METALDimensions 8"L...

"Being sisters means you always have backup" Music Box

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Let your sister, your BFF, your cohort in crime, know you've got her back!. This feminine music box plays, "Swan Lake".Materials PLASTIC/METALDimensions 8"L X 6.125"W X 2.75"H The framed words are available in many designs, Bible verses, different relatives, etc....

"DANCE" Frame 4X6

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 Show some love for your dancer; whether she likes ballet or jazz or tap or hiphop, she'll be the star of the dance in this frame. The word, "DANCE", is spelled out in silver glittery letters beginning and ending...