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Santa Of The Sea Ornament

Regular price $ 18.99
GLASSMetalDimensions: 3 3/4" L. x 1 7/8" W. x 4 3/4" H.| 136429

"The Little Christmas Pickle" Charm/Token

Regular price $ 2.99
This little Christmas Pickle will be harder to find than most, thus drawing the fun out longer. It comes with a card that states, "To start a tradition that will last year after year, this little Christmas pickle brings...

Military Hat Ornament

Regular price $ 8.99
Honor the dedicated individuals in your life that serve in the armed forces with one of these wonderfully crafted hats. Choose from the Air Force, Army, Marine Corp or Navy. A lovely way to commemorate service to our country...

Holy Family Paperstone Ornament

Regular price $ 8.99
Hand painted paperstone ornament featuring the Holy Family with many gold and silver touches. The back is blank and you could personalize it. Dimensions: 0.63 X 3 X 6.75 (inches)Weight: 4 ounces |3OT1186

Mistletoe Krystal Reindeer

Regular price $ 15.75
This elegant reindeer is from the Kissing Krystals Classic Red collection.Additional Sizing: 6" H including AntlersColor: ClearDimensions: 4" L X 7"H | KK343