MARDI GRAS 12" Angel Tree Topper

Regular price $ 29.99
Beautiful Ceramic Face & Hands Angel Tree Topper!  Dressed in a gorgeous gown! 12"

Car Charm - Please Drive Safely...

Regular price $ 9.99
This car charm has great detailing on the front and back with an angel up top, and green & blue crystals accents. It says, " Please Drive Safely. Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly"Can be used on...

Windows of Faith Visor Clip, Angels

Regular price $ 8.79
 Windows of Faith Visor Clips,   choice of  different angels. 1) Aqua & lavender, "Watch over us always" 2) Aqua & lavender, "Never travel faster than your guardian angel can fly" 3) Green & gold, "Keep calm & trust your angel"...

10.5" Crossword Angel

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An especially thoughtful gift for anyone who treasures their blessings ( mothers, grandfathers, aunts, teachers, Sunday schoolteachers, etc.) . The angel's gown has many inspirational words and phrases laid out similar to a crossword puzzle.Materials Resin/stone mixDimensions 10.5"h X ...

The Three Angels Prayer Box and Charms

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This prayer box adorned with crosses comes with 3 angel charms inside; one with a cross, one with a heart, and one playing a horn. It comes with a story card that says, "This little tiny prayer box holds...