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Raw Agate Necklaces

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SKU: 935560-Queen

$ 30.00

 This beautiful raw dyed agate necklace is a very powerful tool made for working with color which infuses the aura with higher frequencies. Agates work with every Chakra and brings balance, peace and alignment with nature. Infuse your agate with a request for your highest good and just go about your day. Pick a color you feel most connected with and watch it align you with peace and beauty.

Available in 6 assorted designs. Green/Inner Peace + Forgiveness, Yellow Green/Universal Expression + Power, Clear/the Great Teacher + Wisdom, Magenta/Voice of Heaven + Compassion, Turquoise/Queen of the Fairies + Creativity, Indigo/Peace on Earth + Vision. Infuse your aura with higher frequencies.

  • Necklace: 20in. Extender: 2.5in.
  • Materials: 60% Natural Stone, 30% Brass, 10% Iron. 



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