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Kimberly Lang Hurricane Cross-Large-White-Flowers

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Kimberly Lang’s Original Hurricane Cross

Approx. Dimensions: 10" x 4.5"
Hanger length will vary from 4"-5" length.
Each piece is Signed by Kimberly Lang on the back

Each Piece is Hand made with Design Variations.

This cross is placed where visitors aren’t welcome – They all have names and are totally unpredictable.
With winds that blow counter-clockwise direction….The dreaded Hurricane is one visitor we all hope won’t find us.!

Should you find yourself faced with Nature’s Disaster, Look to your Cross for comfort until the morning is upon us.
Each Cross is Hand-made and Hand-painted on the Gulf Coast – each a ONE-OF-A-KIND piece of art.
Copyright: 1996 Kimberly Lang


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