Margherita Eye Mask Red Balocoloc


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Brand: Balocoloc

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Margherita Eye Mask Red
Colombina-style eye mask with points on opposite sides. Handmade in Venice Italy

Hand made in Venice paper machée mask. Wearable.
Comes with a Balocoloc Certificate of Authenticity.

In the city of Venice, the Balocoloc workshop has been creating
hats, cloaks, theatrical costumes and original papier-mâché masks
for almost 40 years. Continuous accurate historical research enables
Balocoloc in collaboration with other highly skilled master artisans to
proudly hand-make a delightful range of fine pieces of art. 
The papier-mâché masks are made following the same techniques practiced
by traditional theatrical mask makers and the inspiration itself stems from
the rich cultural tradition of the Commedia dell’ Arte”