Paradise Island Musical Goose Egg

Kingspoint Design

$ 95.00 
Brand: Kingspoint Design

SKU: 6232


Tune: Somewhere out there
Authentic Goose Egg
Wind up for music
Fabric lining with space inside for your favorite jewelry.
Austrian crystals, enamel.
Dimensions: 5" X 2.5". Comes in a perfectly padded gift box
Certificate of Authenticity. Numbered 202 of 2500

Eggs are a symbolf of new life, blessings, and new beginnings, and originate as a part of Easter Celebrations. When the Aristocracy and Czar Alexander, in Russia, began comissioning Peter Carl Faberge' to bejewel and decorate eggs for gifts, the fashion spread throughout Europe, and has remained a strong tradition to this day.