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Pendulum Necklace with Chakra, 7 styles

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$ 30.00

Beautifully crafted Pendulum necklace made for each individual Chakra that will make your day calmer, more focused and allow you to be your best regardless of the stress surrounding you. This Pendulum is single pointed, infused with a sacred symbol and ready to work. Ask a question of the Universe and make your day easier. Live your best life!

Styles: Clear Quartz/Crown, Amethyst/Third Eye, Aquamarine/Throat, Rose Quartz/Heart, Tigers Eye/Sacral, Yellow Aventurine/Solar, Red Jasper/Root.

Necklace: 20in. Extender: 2.5in.

Materials: 50% Natural Stone,30% Brass, 20% Iron.


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