Pierrot Mask Balocoloc


$ 300.00 
Brand: Balocoloc

SKU: 2232


Pierrot is a pantomime player or character from ‘de Italian Commedia dell'arte’, a sad clown because Columbine has left him for Harlequin. His poetry and visual arts reflect his broken heart.
Measures: 15" top to bottom 15" side to side 7" depth.
Balocoloc masks are handmade in the historic way from paper mache by real artisans from Venice Italy. Balocoloc offers only the finest quality of authentic Venetian masks available in the world.
For more than 30 years, Balocoloc has been creating authentic Venetian masks, hats, capes and costumes with the finest craftsmanship. All of Balocoloc’s handmade products are a result of the most accurate historical research and use of traditional methods.