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Rosary & Restored Order, Black
Rosary & Restored Order, Black

Rosary & Restored Order, Black

$ 38.00

A meaningful gift for the young person in your life on this important occasion. The container has the symbols of the descending dove of baptism and the communion elements and says "Blessings on your special day". 

The “restored order” refers to celebrating the sacraments of initiation in the order in which God designed them to be given: baptism, confirmation, first Eucharist. It also restores the practice of administering the sacraments of confirmation and first Eucharist when they reach the age of reason. 

Comes in a gift box with a card reading, "May Jesus fill your heart with His love and joy. For through faith, you are all children of God. In Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:26"

Silver tone 

SKU: CS185