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Sparkle Wand Jewelry Cleaner
Sparkle Wand Jewelry Cleaner

Sparkle Wand Jewelry Cleaner

$ 28.00

Instantly cleans and maintains the like-new sparkle of diamonds and gems plus restores the luster and polish to both fine and costume jewelry. It's amazing!

To Use - Remove cap to expose brush. Twist smaller end to release specially formulated solution onto brush. Rub soft bristles on and behind stones to activate foam cleaner. Rub on all areas of jewelry. Replace cap. Rinse off, dry and enjoy your bling.Great for use with precious stones and costume jewelry alike.

Wand is adorned with a Swarovski crystal!

Size: 0.07 fl oz.
Country of Origin: USA
Safe for use with all jewelry!
Simply brush solution onto jewelry.
Rinse off, no residue!

| CL400

SKU: CL400