Tear Bottle Baby Blue Contemporary

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Contemporary Tear BottleTM. The “new baby boom” touted by the media
is the inspiration for this design. A flame-worked glass tear bottle in
our “Contemporary” style. About 2 inches tall (exact measurements
will vary). The bottle rim is hand painted in 24K gold luster. The cap
is a Blue Lace Agate cabochon stone with a hand-carved cork
stopper. Baby Blue glass is swirled into the based of this bottle.
This exclusive creation comes with a gift card welcoming the new baby.

The history of the tear bottle is captivating and poignant. Tear bottles were
prevalent in ancient Rome and Egypt, when mourners would collect their tears and bury
them with loved ones to show honor and devotion.
In the Old Testament of the Bible, Psalm 56:8, David prays to God, “Thou tellest
my wanderings, put thou my tears in Thy bottle; are they not in Thy Book?” (KJV).
These words remind us that God keeps a record of human pain and suffering and
understands our sorrows and tears.
Tear bottles reappeared during the 19th-century Victorian era, when tears were
collected in bottles with special stoppers; once the tears evaporated, the mourning
period would end, but the bottle remained as a token of eternal devotion.
Some choose to use the bottles to hold real tears, but often they are kept as a symbolic
token of love.
Exclusively from Timeless Traditions— Tear Bottles are Made in the USA of lead-free
materials. These heirloom quality bottles come with a gift bag and a story card
about the tear bottle history.
This timeless and traditional keepsake is also purchased to hold ashes, a lock of hair,
dried flowers or other small momento as a remembrance of your loved one.

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