Tiger Earrings Bengal


$ 64.00 
Brand: Zarah

SKU: 9659

Bengal Tiger Earrings

Jewelry by Zarah is designed by talented contemporary artists
around the world. The jewelry is hand painted with vibrant enamel
paint on sterling silver. Each piece of jewelry is painted with solutions
containing colored granules of glass. Then the jewelry is fired in a kiln
to produce an alluring richness of color.

The Bengal Tiger Pin was designed by the renowned jewelry
artist Marilyn Grame. Marilyn lives near the San Diego Zoo and
spends hours observing the animals. She is known primarily for
wildlife art, but her work is also found in private collections worldwide
in many art-instruction books as well as children's books. She has been
an art instructor for thirty years.

The Bengal Tiger Earrings are 1 1/2 x 7/8