Face masks, face shields & kids' masks are restocked!

A new item is being carried now, face shields with headbands attached. The face shields come covered in a protective layer that you'll remove before wearing. We have several styles available; USA, LOVE and THANK YOU. Face shield with button clip to knitted head band. Comes with protective film on both sides. (Will need to be removed before wearing) |HNH0415201BLU  is the SKU for the USA shield shown above.

If you feel that most face masks are kind of plain, you'll love this new line of reusable cotton masks decorated with gems! We have them in clear, gold, red, blue, and iridescent on black. 

 And here's a floral design in gems on black.

Here's another new design; face masks with a breath valve respirator. It comes with a filter that's N95 replaceable. It has a nose wire for a more individualized fit.

Here's another mask with a breath valve respirator, it has 5 layers PM2.5 carbon filter.

We're not neglecting the kids either! We have quite a few designs and fits for them. Dinosaurs to unicorns...

 Made of 3 layers of 100% cotton, these children's non-medical fabric face masks will assure that kids get proper protection during these uncertain times.

Non Medical face mask; has adjustable straps and is machine washable. Not recommended for kids under 3 years.

We offer these masks for kids as well, the manufacturer says these fit kids ages 3-12, but we feel they run small.

We offer many more styles for both children and adults, please go to our website to check them out, jubileegiftshop.com

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I love all of them! I have so many different styles so I will be fashionable.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Donna June 10, 2021

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