How to Wow Your Neighborhood This Halloween

Halloween is the quintessential October festivity, full of eye-catching designs ranging from black cat Halloween decorations to plump pumpkins on the porch. It's a family-friendly and creative day that goes beyond the norm of our typical routine. There's something special about seeing our favorite scary characters come to life or pretending we're walking through a haunted house that can fill you with excitement, even if Halloween isn't your favorite holiday of the year. Whether you enjoy shivers down your spine or simply like to admire the aesthetic of autumn leaves, gnarled trees, and a fresh gourd harvest, there's a Halloween decoration for everyone out there!

There's something satisfying about having the most attractive, talked-about house on the block, and not just because you're giving out the best pieces of candy. If you're out of ideas or having trouble coming up with how to decorate for Halloween, we've got you covered. Jubilee Gift Shop has all your spooky decor needs to get into the holiday spirit. No matter if you're hosting your first Halloween party or you're seeking to amaze the neighborhood, we've put together this guide on how to decorate for Halloween this year.

Quick Tips for Halloween Decorating 

Decorating for Halloween is an exhilarating yet daunting task. So we've broken down the basics of decorating must-haves into a few quick tips. 

To get it out of the way, yes, it's essential to have candy ready to go and great candy. The kind of candy that will have the neighborhood of kids talking. There will be something for both the adults and kids to enjoy.


Before you rush out to buy that cute floating ghost decoration to hang on your tree, make a plan for what other items you're interested in investing in this year. Be sure to be keen on your location. Want our advice on the best way to get started? First, ask yourself these questions:

  • Where do you plan on setting up your decorations? At your home or a family or friend's place?
  • Which rooms are you looking to highlight? The exterior, interior, or both?
  • How much space do you plan on using?
  • Do you prefer modest decorations or flashy?
  • Whether you have a small or large property, how do you plan to fill the space?

Start Fresh, Find a Theme

Unless you plan on incorporating decorations you already have in storage, it's best to start your shopping with a clear mind. The best Halloween houses take a starter theme and expand on it. They are dramatic, stand out, and can be hard to duplicate. That's what makes them so unique. 

Themes can include a haunted house, decor inspired by a movie, or correlate with your Halloween party. Start with something simple like:

Having a recognizable, concise theme will create a buzz around the neighborhood, plus it makes it easy to narrow down your shopping focus. That can help you stick close to a budget.

If your family also celebrates Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) on the heels of Halloween, you may also be interested in our Decorative Skull design. While the Day of the Dead is far from being a spooky holiday, adding a pretty skull like this one to your shopping cart in advance can save you from a second shopping spree when your Halloween plans are behind you.


To help grab the attention of trick-or-treaters and onlookers, use outdoor yard decorations to reel them in. Outdoor twinkle lights are a popular design choice, but don't quite fit into the creepy vibe of Halloween. Candles are often the best way to create an ambient, dark atmosphere.

Want to create the same effect of flickering candlelight, but not keen on having too many unattended flames going? The Moving Flame Tea Lights Set (4 pc set) is remote controlled, easy to set up, and is excellent for lighting up the outside.

Contemporary candles encapsulated in glass are a mid-century modern classic. This vintage centerpiece in your home is similar to classic Halloween movies or television. 

The Candle Holder w/ Rope does just that. It's fashioned with a handle for easy moving and rearranging.

Be mindful when using lights. Sometimes less can be more, and you don't want your yard to look more Christmas-ready than Halloween spooky.

Interior and Exterior Decorations

To completely wow your neighborhood this Halloween, it's essential to have your interior match the exterior. Suppose you're hosting a party or just excited about the entire look and feel of the holiday. In that case, interior decorations are a great way to start. 

Kitchen & Living Room

The kitchen is the metaphorical heart of your home. It's where families and friends come together to enjoy a meal, celebrate a special occasion, or hang out. The living room is an extension of the kitchen–a more prominent space dedicated to unwinding. 

Candy bowls are a unique and crucial part of Halloween. They can be used for serving candy or be used to create an antique look, depending on your theme. The Dual Stag Head Metal Pedestal Bowl gives an "objet d'art" feel–an artistic period piece from the haunted Victorian era. 

A simple Halloween Candy Bowl is also great for display and serving needs. Include hanging decorations to set the scene.

Porch and Yard

The living room, the porch, and the yard are the best places for hanging decorations and getting creative. Your yard is going to be the main point of attention. You'll be sure to amaze onlookers with great lighting and inviting decorations. 

Nothing screams Halloween more than ghosts and unlucky black cat Halloween decorations! Our Animated Floating Ghost decoration lights up while its arms move up and down, giving off the haunting house vibe for your porch. It's the perfect way to give young trick-or-treaters a slight "spook" without terrifying them silly in the process.

Halloween stakes emulate the perfect illusion–our black Cat Silhouette Stake even lights up! She is easy to set up in the yard and ready for guests who dare to enter the property. We also have various hanging decorations that can be easily applied around your porch. 


Halloween parties can be as creative as your theme. If you're planning a costume party or friends-only event, having the right supplies and indoor decorations will make the night memorable and picture-worthy. 

Our Haunted Memories Uncle Bernie portrait adds a scarier element to the wall for a haunted theme. We also have a variety of pictures that you can replace with the ones hanging in your home. 

Paper Cocktail Napkins are a simple, cute touch to bring the Halloween theme together in your home. We offer a spread of napkins with different sayings and quotes to match your interior design.

Jubilee Gift Shop

Our collection of items will make for the best Halloween yet. In addition to our online shop, our in-person store is located in Daphne, Alabama. We have many holiday themes, gifts, decorations, and products. You can find great, one-of-a-kind products no matter what time of year. 

If you have inquiries about our products, collections, or general information, just contact us! We're only one message away and we'd love to hear your feedback.

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