Pumpkins, Spiders and Bats

 Halloween is where you get all the candy and get to dress up.  

  • There's also traditional Halloween bread in Ireland. It's called barmbrack or just "brack." The sweet loaf typically contains dark and golden raisins, as well as a small hidden toy or ring
  •   Candy corn was originally called "chicken feed".

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?


  Something wicked this way comes.....A frightful sight day or night, our Lighted Halloween Witch Stakes are dressed all in black with faceless heads that glow and flicker in a ghastly display.


This Halloween themed weather-resistant nylon 3D collapsible lantern is pumpkin with a Jack-O-Lantern wearing a top hat and tie topper. Uses Light-In-Motion multi-colored LED lights. We also sell spinners to make it extra fun.  

This spooky doorbell has 4 spooky sounds. When you push the doorbell, the eyelid opens and it plays one of these; "Welcome", "You rang?", "Enter at your own risk", or "Flee".

Uncle Bernie was famous for his bad temper. At times he was known to get a bit hot under the collar.

This skeleton appears to be breaking into your home, rattling his chains as he busts through a shuttered window.


Journey to an enchanted pumpkin patch with the frightful "Oh My Pumpkin Necklace".



Light Up Creepy Spider With sound; Sound activated; eyes light up and legs move .


  Trick-or-treaters will be chilled to the bone at the sight of this glow in the dark skeleton! This skeleton design is the perfect addition to any Halloween decor for a bold and spooky statement when displayed in a yard or from a front door.



 Vampire & Bats crew sock. Great to show off your Halloween love or for a party. Antimicrobial 



We hope you have a fun and safe Halloween. 




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