Must-Have Gifts for Halloween


Must-Have Gifts for Halloween

If you're looking for gift shops near me this Halloween season, look no further than the Jubilee Gift Shop of Daphne, Alabama. The spirit of Dixie and All Hallow's Eve come together once a year to bring you unique Halloween gifts that please any lover of the spookiest holiday. We have Halloween jewelry, ornaments, and apparel ready to scare away all those dark spirits and delight good-natured revelers.

We love Halloween at Jubilee Gift Shop and are proud of our collection of Halloween gifts. Everyone should browse our online store because there are items you have never seen, and the quality is far above the ordinary. Everything from Candy Corn Dishes to Halloween Earrings is crafted by some of the industry's most talented brands and artisans. Check out a selection of must-have Halloween gifts in this article, but we recommend placing an order before the holiday nears, as all of them will sell out fast.

Halloween Jewelry

When you think of Halloween jewelry, images of plastic spider rings and stainless steel bat brooches probably pop into your head. Those are fun once a year, sure, maybe a little more fun when they're glow-in-the-dark. But that is child's play. If you want something special, you must see the Halloween jewelry we carry at Jubilee Gift Shop online and our in-store location in Daphne, Alabama.

Halloween Earrings

The vintage Halloween look is in this year and especially the creepy artwork that donned novelty items and cartoons of the '50s and early '60s. These Pumpkin Halloween Earrings evoke that nostalgia perfectly. Something about the look of these Jack-o-lanterns in gold-tone and enamel makes them look alive – which is the point, of course.

Spider Rings

Nope, not the plastic kind you'll find behind furniture next July. The spider rings from Jubilee Gift Shop are the kind of Halloween gifts the recipient will want to keep safe and secure every October. This Green Adjustable Spider Ring was made with attention to detail. Even the metal base has been meticulously worked to resemble a witch's new cauldron's finish. Green and black are iconic Halloween colors, but there are more to choose from in our Spider Ring Collection, including Black Widow Red!

Halloween Necklaces

What lover of all things spooky do you know that wouldn't love a Halloween Necklace? Especially if it looked as good as this Light Up Jack-O'-Lantern Necklace? It uses long-lasting and bright LED lights that do not emit any heat. There are fast, slow, and blinking options. Your friend or loved one will enjoy wearing this necklace while bringing treats to the door or taking walks in the brisk Fall air.

But if you need a gift for someone who likes their Halloween jewelry to be a little less "novelty" and a little bit more –well– scary, this Skull & Amethyst Necklace from Kirks Folly will do the trick. It's crafted in the Celtic tradition of the human skull as the seat of power and a powerful transmitter of magic. The brass skull has been richly decorated and stands out next to the purple amethyst crystals. It features a magnetic pendant and lobster claw closure.

Halloween Apparel

Trust us when we tell you that the special someone in your life who loves Halloween is bored with the same old costumes carried by department and party stores. Not everyone is lucky enough to live in beautiful Daphne, Alabama, and can find gift shops near me of Jubilee's caliber. But our online store is accessible to anyone with a mailing address, and we have Halloween apparel and accessories that will get your friend or loved one excited about dressing up again.

Halloween Socks and Neckties

Of course, we have socks and neckties! And they make perfect Halloween gifts, too. You'd be hard-pressed to find any socks as cool as these Bite Me! Vampire Teeth and Bat Socks. All of our Halloween socks feature awesome designs and have the qualities you look for in good socks in general. These Bite Me! women's crew socks are made with compact cotton and are anti-microbial. The heels and toes are reinforced for comfort and longevity.

It may be a good idea to give the spouse of the woman you buy those socks for some neck protection. Our Pumpkins And Bats Blue should be enough. Several styles are available to let him fill out his wardrobe for the week leading up to the best holiday of the year.

Ornaments and Decor

Our favorite pieces in this year's Halloween collection are ornaments and decorations; if you browse through all the pages HERE, you will see why. Below is a list of a few standouts. 

Scary Pumpkin Doorbell

What true lover of Halloween wouldn't want to keep the Scary Pumpkin Doorbell up forever? It just sends the right message to trick-or-treaters and unwanted solicitors. The eyes light up, and it sticks out its tongue when the doorbell is rung, in addition to a few choice sentences. 

Elegant Fall Pumpkin

This Elegant Fall Pumpkin is stunning while retaining the right spirit for the occasion. It is made entirely with glass in a perfect shade of amber for the harvest season. 

Flipemz Bear To Zombie Plush

The great thing about the Flipemz Bear To Zombie Plush is that it can be a cute, cuddly teddy bear all year. But it can also transform into a cute, cuddly Zachary, the zombie. An ingenious design lets you do just that.

If you live in Daphne, Alabama, please come and visit our in-person store! If not, don't search for gift shops near me because you can shop all our unique gifts online. For the perfect Halloween gifts, you cannot find anywhere else, visit

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