Spring has Sprung

You may have heard that the spring equinox is the official first day of spring, and it’s true that this auspicious event traditionally marked the start of spring for many different cultures

Folklore claims that special magnetic or energetic changes on the day of the vernal equinox make it possible to stand a raw egg on its end. As cool as this sounds, it’s a myth. You can balance some raw eggs on their end, but you could do it any time of year.

Every planet in the solar system can have an equinox, as it’s when their orbit and tilt, with respect to the sun, results in both hemispheres receiving about the same amount of light.

Speckled Bell ChimeImagine your garden surrounded by colorful flowers, your friends/family enjoying the outdoors, and this beautiful Speckled Bell Chime




Butterfly House 

Butterfly houses provide a convenient area for butterflies to find shelter from the elements and to hide from hungry predators. Not only are they an attractive addition to your yard and garden, but they help to attract and keep butterflies as well.

sunflower wreath

Bright sunflowers and zinnia will add a pop of color and a soft whisper of summer to welcome family, friends and guests into your home.

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