St. Patrick’s Day Guide & Tips for 2022

Boston has long claimed being the first in the country for St. Patrick’s Day parties and parades. The first parade in Boston for St. Patrick’s Day goes all the way back to 1737. Other sources put the first celebration of St. Patrick’s Day as being in St. Augustine, Florida in 1601. St. Patrick’s Day is a favorite pastime in March. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can throw great St. Patrick’s Day events for your family and friends.

Consider Some Traditional Irish Beverages

Green is a frequent theme with St. Patrick’s Day parties and beverages. However, there are some drinks that are true Irish favorites. In some traditions, St. Patrick’s Day was a dry holiday. Some popular beverages for family and friends that are deeply entrenched in the St. Patrick’s Day traditions include Peppermint Hot Chocolate and Homemade Irish Cream. Lime Sherbet Punch can also be a great non-alcoholic beverage for your St. Patrick’s Day gettogether. Jubilee Gift Shop can help you serve festive St. Patrick’s Day beverages with Irish-themed tumblers, mugs, and other beverage holders.

Have an Irish-Themed Meal For St. Patrick’s Day 

There are a wide variety of different recipes and meals for St. Patrick’s Day. A popular American pastime includes corned beef and cabbage. This meal has its origins in New York City with the Irish immigration movement. In Ireland, pork was the preferred meat since it was inexpensive; however, beef was more affordable when they arrived in the United States. Some other Irish-inspired meals include Shepherd’s pie, Irish soda bread, and Colcannon, which is a mix of cabbage and mashed potatoes. Jubilee Gift Shop can help you with any platters, plates, and bowls to give your meal a truly Irish vibe for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

Must-Have Decor For St. Patrick’s Day

Green is a popular color for St. Patrick’s Day. However, some traditions have utilized blue decor. In England, Henry VIII, who was also King of Ireland at the time, proclaimed that blue was also a color to commemorate the holiday. If you are going to be holding a St. Patrick’s Day party or meal at your home, you should consider table centerpieces, ornaments, and other festive items to commemorate the day. Jubilee Gift Shop can help you find the appropriate items to help make your home look more festive.

Let Jubilee Gift Shop Help You Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Located in Daphne, Alabama, Jubilee Gift Shop can help you find all of the items that you need to get your home ready for St. Patrick’s Day. You can shop online and we can ship directly to you. We also have a retail store for customers who live in the Daphne area and wish to shop locally. 

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