5 Decors to Light up Your Kitchen

 Five Decor Ideas to Light up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is at the center of your home. It's the place where family and friends spend the most time together. If you need unique kitchen decor to brighten the mood, you've found the perfect source – Jubilee Gift Shop!

Department stores are crowded, and you may catch germs with any sales. You've probably searched gift shops near me and come up empty-handed too often to try them again. But though Jubilee Gift Shop has an in-person location in beautiful Daphne, Alabama, our online store makes all our products accessible anywhere. Here are five decor ideas we especially think you'll enjoy.

Table Cloth Runners

The table is a common focal point of many kitchens. Coastal parties and occasions like Mardi Gras are when you are hosting family and friends, and you can light up your table by bringing in some bold colors with our table cloth runners. We have Fleur De Lis patterns, polka dots, harlequin, and more. 


Food is essential for enhancing time spent with friends and loved ones, whether it's a holiday or not. Don't lay out hors d'oeuvres haphazardly – bring some light and cheer to the table with a decorative platter. You could search for hundreds of gift shops near me and never find our platters' variety and exquisite craftsmanship. We have themed platters for significant holidays, especially for the coastal Dixie states. We also have platters in bright colors and beautiful designs that will enhance your communal dining experience with unique kitchen decor that everyone will adore year-round. 


You're already the light of your family's eyes – why not wear a little more of that symbolic joy into the kitchen with one of our delightful aprons? We have so many styles to choose from. Get into the spirit of game day with one of our collegiate aprons – LSU, Auburn, Crimson Tide – all are represented at the Jubilee Gift Shop and ready for kick-off from the grill to the stovetop.


Does it ever seem that suitable magnets are hard to find these days? That's not the case when your search for gift shops near me leads you to Jubilee online or in-person in Daphne, Alabama. Our magnets make for unique kitchen decor that brings life to your muted-colored refrigerator – and other appliances, if you choose. 

Cookie Cutters

Does anything brighten up a kitchen more than freshly baked cookies? Probably not. Our cookie cutters are something you definitely won't find in any old gift shops near me. Colorfully decorated cookies on a colorful platter over a bright table runner will finish your quest for unique kitchen decor that brings light into your space and life. 

So Much More At JubileeGiftShop.com

An internet connection makes our online store everyone's "gift shops near me." You can find many more products and categories for unique kitchen decor at JubilieGiftShop.com.

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