Celebrating Alabama’s History | Souvenirs

Celebrating Alabama's History | Souvenirs

You might have heard Alabama referred to as the Heart of Dixie. That nickname is well earned due to the rich history of the Yellowhammer State. Visitors will immerse themselves in the history and culture here thanks to the excellent preservation of historic landmarks and customs still practiced today. And when you search for souvenir shops near me, you'll find a fantastic collection of Alabama souvenirs to cherish at the Jubilee Gift Shop in Daphne. 

The Jubilee Gift Shop is unique compared to what you'd expect from a gift shop anywhere else. When it comes to Alabama souvenirs, all of the state's best features are represented in high-quality gifts that you'll be proud to show off back home. Even an Alabama car decal or postcard from Jubilee has more character and visual appeal than anything you'll find searching for other souvenir shops near me. Because we offer so much variety, we think it will help to show you a selection of our favorites to give you a better idea of what to look for when you're here.

Old Mobile

Mobile is the oldest city in Alabama and a must-see destination for anyone visiting. French Colonists originally founded Mobile, but the British and Spain controlled it and the surrounding territory up until the early 19th century. It wasn't until 1819 that Alabama officially became a state, seceding from the Union during the Civil War and coming back into its fold with the loss of the Confederacy.

The Port of Mobile has long been of strategic and economic importance. It is the 9th busiest port in the nation by shipping volume today and has been critical to shaping the growth of Old Mobile since the time of the Spanish explorers and French Colonists. You can get a feel for the traffic and industry of this deep-water port with our "A Busy Harbor Scene" Blank Note Card.

Many of the lavish homes built during the years before the Civil War in Mobile are still standing and excellently preserved. The "Bragg-Mitchell Mansion" Blank Card in our Old Mobile, Alabama souvenirs collection depicts one of the most visited by tourists. John Bragg began the construction of this 7-bedroom mansion in 1855. 

Bragg had all of the furnishings moved to another home in Lowndes County when the Civil War threatened this elegant home in the Greek Revival style. Ironically, it was that house that Union raiders burned to the ground along with everything Bragg had tried to save, while Mobile never saw any destruction.

Culture Old and New

The Heart of Dixie is rich in culture. The ways of the Deep South intersect with maritime traditions, and influences from several peoples – native and immigrants – all combine to make Alabama one of the most exciting places to visit. You'll find no short supply when searching for souvenir shops near me. But the best place for Alabama souvenirs is at Jubilee Gift Shop, where you'll find the highest quality gifts representing all the best customs and culture of this coastal state, both old and new.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is typically associated with New Orleans in the United States, but it is also a big deal in Alabama. Especially in Mobile. Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and eastern Texas were part of the French territory known as Louisiane, and Mobile was its first capital. Since then and today,  mystic societies known as  krewes have organized balls, parades, and exuberant celebrations for this critical Anglican and annual Catholic carnival.

You can get the skinny on Fat Tuesday with the "Mardi Gras in Mobile" Paperback Book available at Jubilee Gift Shop. Inside is plenty of fascinating information about the history of Mardi Gras in Mobile – the first place it was held in America – and the secret societies behind the fun. Beautiful pictures perfectly capture the revelry if you're not here in time to catch it for yourself.

We have several books about Mardi Gras in Mobile. We also have other great gift ideas related to the theme. Besides hats and masks that will fit in with the festivities, we have a great Mardi Gras Jester Patch to add to your favorite denim travel jacket. And a Mardi Gras Mobile, AL Pillow will come in handy during your long ride or flight back home.

Car Decals

Add to your collection of souvenirs showcasing your travels with an Alabama car decal from Jubilee Gift Shop. Not everyone puts their Alabama car decal on their vehicle, so don't feel pressured. These stickers will look good anywhere you place them.

We've seen our Circle Turtle Mini Sticker on everything from golf carts to surfboards. And our Not All Who Wander Alabama car decal is a great inspiration to see on your laptop when you open it for work every day. We love decorating our old vintage glasses and bottles with many of the stickers at Jubilee Gift Shop, including this Mermaid Love Sticker. The point is to use your imagination and find ways to enhance other things around your home with a bit of nostalgia for your time in Alabama – though your car's bumper is a great place, too. 

Jubilee Gift Shop in Daphne, Alabama

There is so much to do and see in Alabama. The history, culture, and scenery are hard to beat. Pictures only do small justice, and souvenirs have a charm all their own for bringing back the memories you've made while here. But you will be hard-pressed to find souvenirs with the right quality to match your experience from most gift shops. 

The Jubilee Gift Shop is the best of its kind for Alabama souvenirs. And you don't even have to be in Daphne to shop here. Our online store makes it accessible to anyone searching for souvenir shops near me, no matter where you are. For high-quality gifts and souvenirs to cherish your time in beautiful Alabama, visit us in-person or online at JubileeGiftShop.com.

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