Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day this year is different from any other. While maintaining our social distancing, let's still honor our fallen heroes.


This Sassafras cushion insert features a vintage country style sign that reads "God Bless America", SKU# 431399
These Evergreen mini doormats are made of recycled rubber backing, making them slip-free and non skidding. Evergreen switch mats are easy to maintain. Spot clean with soap and water. Mildew resistant. Doormats can be used stand alone or with a decorative tray, sold separately (please look for Sassafras Switch Mat Trays).

This patriotic cross says, "God shed His grace on thee". It's made of MDF & metal to look slightly distressed. SKU#13327sh

The American flag decorates this mailbox cover, perfect for your patriotic decor or for any day to demonstrate your patriotism. The flag design looks like it's being blown by the wind. This mailbox cover is magnetic and fits standard post mounted mailboxes. SKU# 15855

Combining state and national patriotism, this flag is 12.5 x 18 inches. SKU# 8S0089

And speaking of social distancing, remember we have face masks, this one is SKU# 07-063

Be safe, hope to see you soon at Jubilee Gift Shop.


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